Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does soaking in a bath with epsom salt help tighten the vagina??

I heard that soaking in a bath filled with epsom salt helps to tighten the vagina? Has anyone ever tried this before?? I would like to know if it works...any other ways that people have heard of to tighten the vagina would be helpful..Does soaking in a bath with epsom salt help tighten the vagina??
This is a new one! No, honey, epsom salts are made of magnesium sulfate which is a disinfectant.

Try exercises...talk to your gynae, they're trained in this sort of thing and won't laugh (and if s/he laughs, get a new gynae!). You can try those ben-wa balls that go inside, but check with your doctor first.Does soaking in a bath with epsom salt help tighten the vagina??
My friend swears by kiegels to tighten.. it's worth a shot... she says to tighten up at stop lights until they turn green, do this at all stop lights....
sure go for it
that has to be the scariest thing i have heard today.

what happens if you fall asleep in your bath??
No! But try doing keegels, this is like when you stop your urination during flow, this tightens the muscles they recommend it for women that are preparing for child birth.
NO! Too much salts can cause serious burns! Get out of the tub and talk to your OBGYN.
Kegel exercises can tighten the muscles of the vagina.

But nothing can retighten skin - once skin looses its elasticity, it's gone. Salt won't do anything.
No, do kegel exercises
no.. try kegal exercises.. expand and contract the muscles, and with time they will get stronger.. i've been doing them for a long time and trust me ;) it works!
NOT Epsom Salts

Its Alum
If one would put the Epsom salts in their mouth it would cause them to pucker.

So I guess the same pucker effect would apply to the Lil ole gauche.
only way past surgery ive heard is Kegel exercises...google that.
that just made me laugh so hard i farted...anyhow, i have never heard of the salt treatment you speak of...but i would suggest kegel exercises
The only way to tighten the muscles of the vagina is to do keagal exercises.

You could, theoretically get it surgically done, but why do that?

Epsom Salts will not help you with your vagina.
Nothing short of plastic surgery will help that problem.
pelvic excersizez. just squeeze when youre sitting down
thats a huge folklore - the only way this can be done is by surgery and trust me that is extremely painful
Makes it taste salty.
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