Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bath Salts To Clean Cartilage Piercing?

I've searched everywhere and I can't find sea salt to clean my cartilage piercing with but I bought a bag of 'Bath salts'

They are 100% natural and are from the Dead Sea

Will this be okay to use to clean my piercing as a substitute for sea salt?

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After looking at what is in the Dead Sea water, its concentrations of minerals are very different from sea water that is evaporated to create regular sea salt. I wouldn't use Dead Sea salts on a fresh piercing since they contain much more than sodium choloride and trace elements. These salts should be fine to take a bath in once you are healed, but its not worth irritating your new piercing. Epsom salts are also not appropriate for a new piercing because of their chemical make-up.

To find sea salt, check the grocery store. It should be in the spice/salt section. An employee will be able to help you find it. As another option you can check out the pharmacy section and find packaged saline solution. Ask the pharmacist where to find it since it can be mixed in with several different sections.Bath Salts To Clean Cartilage Piercing?
I wouldn't use sea salt to clean your ears

Use and Ear Cleaner.

You can buy as Bottle at Claire's :]
Yes a sea salt solution is what you should be using!(i used it on mine)

Make sure it is pure sea salt though.

Heat eight ounces of distilled, bottled, or purified water to about luke warm.

Use about 1/4 a teaspoon of sea salt. And shake well.

You can check out H2ocean it is premixed and ready to go. It is great for piercings.

You can also go and check at all local piercing parlor in your town and see what they have(if you haven't already).

Or try Witch Hazel.

You should never use ear cleaning solutions from places such as Claire's because they contain, alcohol and peroxide. Neither of which you should ever use on a piercing.

You can look here at other information.

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